Closed Riser Staircases

Closed riser staircases are a traditional form of a staircase with riser between each tread with no openings. This style of staircase is the most popular and allows for the underside of the staircase to be utilised for such things as storage, laundries, bathroom and study nooks.

Closed riser staircases suit any style of home and can be made to look traditional or modern. They can be made from a variety of timbers for staining or a budget base structure for carpeting or cladding, or a bit of both. The options are endless.

If you have a style in mind we can help you achieve the perfect stair for your project and budget.

If you need to work out the area required to install closed riser staircases into space into your home to access a new level or extension visit this short informative instructional video.


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