The Process

Here at The Stair Factory we follow a very specific process in our staircase creation to ensure that our client’s staircases are produced at the highest of quality. The design and construction process of a complete staircase generally involves 5 main steps:


1. On-site measure up or building plans sent to our office

The first stage of our staircase creation is on-site measurements and drawings. This involves either coming out to the site to do a measure of where the staircase will be located or sending/visiting our office with the plans and/or drawings so we can work off those to create you the perfect staircase.

From these measurements/plans we can accurately work out the size and shape of the staircase which is required for the space. We can discuss which type of staircase will suit best and from this move on to produce the quotation. Designing the staircase completely comes later on but we are able to decipher the amount of materials required to create the quotation.

2. Staircase components selection and quotation

How would you like your staircase to look? This is a necessary question to ask yourself as we want you to have a staircase that will compliment your home.

If you are unsure, browse through our website and gallery, or browse through magazines and brochures and pick out certain aspects or designs that will compliment the style of your home. If you are still unsure then we can certainly help you. We have 35 years experience in the staircase industry and know what is modern and suits each individual space. Some of the aspects of our staircases include whether they are open tread, closed risers or cut string stairs and also which types of balustrade and handrail you need to match your set of stairs. We are able to produce custom made designs for all features of the staircase to help you have one of a kind.

From there we will quote your staircase and balustrade then send you a detailed quote with a 3D drawing of your staircase. We are able to provide accurate sizes and dimensions and 3D drawings of your staircase through the aid of CAD (Computer Aided Design) which we use in all our staircase designs and constructions.

From this quotation you can either accept to commence further or discuss which features need adding or removing and the quote will be edited and sent back through. Once everything has been agreed upon we can begin the staircase design stage of our process.

3. Staircase design

Once we have received a signed quote and deposit the design process can begin. Our team will input the stair design into our computer program to get the staircase set up for manufacturing. From this program our machines will be able to cut and construct the staircase accurately.

Your custom made staircase will be designed based on the components discussed in the quotation and approval requested before the manufacturing process begins. Any material that is not in stock will be ordered and once it is delivered, our production team can begin the manufacturing process within our Sydney factory.

4. Manufacture

The manufacturing process commences in our Sydney factory where the staircase material is cut and machined to sizes specified on your quote.

Depending on the current work load and special material that may be required, a general guide for the time required to make your staircase is as follows:

  • MDF Staircases – 1 to 2 weeks
  • Solid Pine, Maple, Tasmanian Oak Staircases – 1 to 2 weeks
  • Australian Hardwood Staircases – 1 to 2 weeks
  • Imported Hardwood Staircases – 2 to 3 weeks

Once the stairs are manufactured they are reviewed and then packed onto our trucks to be delivered to your home for installation.

5. Staircase Installation

Once the staircase is manufactured, our installers will load it onto our trucks. The staircase will then be delivered and assembled in your home where required as per the quote.

We will advise you the day before installation to make sure the area is clear to work in and any scaffolding is removed so that the staircase is able to be installed efficiently and accurately. We suggest that it is a better finish if the plasterboard is completed before the installation.

Our staircases are made from only the best materials so you are guaranteed that your staircase is going to last. With our custom made designs to fit perfectly, your staircase will be one of a kind and have people complimenting you whenever they walk into your home. Follow the links above to further understand our staircase process.

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