Open Tread timber staircases are staircases with openings where there are normally risers. Open Tread Timber Staircases are slightly more expensive than closed staircases as they take longer to manufacture, however they have a much more modern look to them.

Here at The Stair Factory we have a stunning collection of Open Tread Staircases. Each of our staircases has an open-flight design to allow the maximum amount of light and space.

There are a large range of options when it comes to Open Tread Staircases these include;
• Floating timber treads between walls or balustrades
• Open Tread staircase with Riser Down stands
• Open Tread staircase with Stainless Steel safety bars

Here is a link to a video about planning the starting point for your open tread timer staircase.  Click here

Below are some images of previous staircases which we have manufactured.

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