Closed Riser Staircases

A “Closed Riser” staircase contains boards between each stair tread meaning that the underside of the tread is not visible. This type of staircase is seen as the most popular and allows for full carpet coverage or even just a carpet runner.

We are experts at constructing timber closed riser staircases.

At The Stair Factory we have a large range of hardwoods available to produce a closed riser staircase for your home or business. We provide the best in Australian hardwood or can even import hardwood specifically required.

Below you can view a number of staircases we have designed and constructed for our clients. Contact us today for any further information.

If you need to work out the area required to install  closed riser staircases into a space into your home to access a new level or extension visit this short informative instructional video.


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