About Us

The Stair Factory uses the best in staircase software to generate our quotes and 3D images. Customers can see their designed timber staircase before the manufacturing process even begins. The stair is then downloaded to our computer routing machine which manufactures the staircases just as they appear. Our estimators can visit your site or quote directly from plans to give you the best price possible.

Our staircases are made from the best timber on the market. Options include Solid Pine, Australian Hardwood, Oak and much more. We only source the best materials so you can be sure that your timber staircase will last.  Our philosophy is to use sustainable timbers and woods, and as such are supporters of Rain Forest Rescue, The Timber Development Association, as well as The Wood Council of Australia.

To find out more about Australian Timber, and to find out more on Australian forest sustainability, we also suggest visiting the Forestry Learning website which we also support.

Our factory is located at Taren Point, NSW and we provide our services to the Sydney Metro area. Contact us today for a quote or visit our process page to learn more information about our staircase process.

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