The Stair Factory designs and manufactures timber staircases in many styles and at competitive price

Tread Timber Staircases1

Open Tread Timber Staircases

An “Open Tread” is a staircase with openings where there are normally risers. Open Tread Staircases are slightly more expensive than closed staircases as they take longer to manufacture, however they have a much more modern look to them.

 Cut String Stairs1

Cut String Timber Staircases

A Cut String staircase is when the board that forms the side of the stair, is cut out level with each tread. This makes the edge of each board (tread) stick out past the side of the stair. With this type of stair the tread is visible from the side elevation.

Riser Timber Staircases1

Closed Riser Timber Staircases

A “Closed Riser” staircase contains boards between each stair tread meaning that the underside of the tread is not visible. This type of staircase is seen as the most popular and allows for full carpet coverage or even just a carpet runner.

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Timber Staircases – The Stair Factory – A Tradition Of Excellence

The Stair Factory P/L designs and manufactures timber staircases in many styles and at competitive prices to suit each customer’s requirements. We help our customers through the whole process, from quotes, to designs, to manufacture and installation. We pride ourselves on our high quality products and processes and have helped a large number of clients achieve the perfect staircase for their homes including both indoor and outdoor stairs.

We are located at Taren Point, NSW and have been servicing the Sydney Metro area for many years. We get satisfaction from providing our clients with the best timber staircases on the market.

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